Dr Simon Healy

Current Research

Senior Research Fellow Lords 1603-1660

Published Volumes

Senior Research Fellow Commons 1604-1629

History of Parliament Research

My work at the History of Parliament has concentrated on the north of England, the East Midlands, Wales and the Marches. I have written and revised the biographies of a number of major parliamentarians including Sir Thomas Wentworth, Sir John Savile, Sir Robert Phelips, Sir Benjamin Rudyard and Sir Thomas Edmondes, and major constituencies including Hull, Shrewsbury, Yorkshire, York and Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Research and Publications

I am currently doing a PhD thesis at Birkbeck College under Barry Coward entitled State Formation and the Political Nation in early Stuart England about the political process in pre-Civil War England; this is to be completed in 2007. I am also working on studies of Oliver Cromwell’s finances and the Newcastle Hostmen’s Company as a political lobby group. My publications include:

- An edition of parliamentary diaries from the 1604 and 1606-7 sessions in Parliaments, Politics and Elections (Camden Society 5th series, volume XVII) ed. C.R. Kyle,

“Oh, What a lovely war?” in Canadian Journal of History (2003).