Digital Humanities and Political History: in memoriam Valerie Cromwell, Lady Kingman

The History of Parliament Trust and IHR's Parliaments, Politics and People seminar would like to invite you to a round table discussion on digital humanities and political history, in memory of the Trust's former director, Valerie Cromwell. Valerie, who founded the parliamentary history seminar at the IHR, was an early enthusiast for computing and recognised its potential to transform parliamentary history, long before digital humanities became a discipline in itself. With expertise ranging from the medieval to the modern, the panel will consider the impact of digital humanities on the practice of political history, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, materiality and digital sources, as well as the management and development of digital humanities projects. Speakers: Dr Hannes Kleineke (History of Parliament, Commons 1422-1504), Dr Ruth Ahnert (Queen Mary/Tudor Networks of Power), Professor Arthur Burns (King’s College London/ Georgian Papers Programme), and Professor Jane Winters (Professor of Digital Humanities, School of Advanced Study).


With questions or enquiries about the event please contact Martin Spychal, seminar convenor at the History of Parliament Trust on