Two virtual events for Parliament Week

This Parliament Week, 14-20 November 2016, the History of Parliament will bring you two virtual events to help you explore Parliament’s history.

Throughout the week we’ll be blogging on ‘unlikely parliamentarians’ – the men and women across history who became parliamentarians only unexpectedly. These blogs will feature some of the History of Parliament’s latest research and cover the 15th century to the present day.

Follow us on or find us on twitter (@HistParl) to read these blogs.  

And: on Tuesday 15th November, 4-5pm, a panel of our experts will gather to answer your questions on parliamentary history. They’ll do their best to answer every question you might want to know, for example:

‘Who was the longest serving parliamentarian?’

‘Why do the Commons shut the door on Black Rod during the Queen’s Speech?’

‘When did my town first become represented in Parliament?'

Join us on twitter @HistParl for the answers, and why not put your question to the experts now using #histparlQ&A