ENGLISH, Michael (b.1930).



Nottingham West
15 October 1964 - 9 June 1983


Michael English was born in Southport on 24 December 1930. He was educated at King George V Grammar School in Southport and Liverpool University. He married Carol Christine Owen in 1976.

English joined the Labour Party at 18. Four years later he became a Councillor in Rochdale, where he stayed until 1965. He unsuccessfully contested the safe Tory seat of Shipley in 1959, but entered Parliament as MP for Nottingham West in 1964. He held the seat until 1983, when it was abolished by boundary changes. In Parliament, English served in several select committees and on the Chairmen's Panel. He subsequently served in a number of positions in local politics in Lambeth and London.

Transcript of clip

"The first job I was given was to sit on the publications and parliamentary proceedings committee, a very ancient committee in some form and I looked at its terms of reference which had in fact been amended by a broadcaster who was an MP a generation before. …. So I looked at this and I said to the Chairman, who was Tom Driberg who was always game for a bit of publicity, I said ‘why don’t we look at broadcasting of the House?’ So he announced this to a press conference. Chaos broke out in every direction but we did it, because Ted Short, brave man, came back, and said ‘well we’ve checked it out, clerks say it’s within your powers, so carry on’. So we did carry on: we produced a report which recommended the House be broadcast… Dick Crossman as Leader of the House was a disaster …because he had the job of pushing this through, gently. It was an all party thing, you voted according to your free wish. Therefore he decided to be as impartial as possible. So he wrote the first half of his speech advocating the televising of the House and the second part advocating that we don’t. Everbody believed him, and the thing lost by one vote. We never forgave him for that… He had literally produced a hung House of Commons."

Summary of interview


Track 1 [3:22:48] [26 April 2012] Michael English (ME). Description of first memory aged 18 months, on holiday in Cornwall. [01:42] Description of Irish father, born 1878. Description of grandfather who died aged 47, who was a linen manufacturer. Grandfather owned a firm called ‘English’, and sold it to a man named Jenkins before moving to New York. Grandmother later came out with her children to join grandfather. Grandmother and children soon sailed back because grandfather died after catching pneumonia.  Docked in Liverpool and decided to stay. Grandmother died 1920s. Father apprenticed as a cabinet maker to a cousin named Macmillan. Cousins originated from Ballymina. [05:10) Description of origins of the name ‘English’. Description of honeymoon in Ireland with wife. Met Derrick Fitzgerald while on honeymoon. Father became clerk on the railways and worked his way up to a commercial manager’s position by the time he died. Mother never worked. His grandmother (on his mother’s side) died when his mother was two years old. His grandfather (on his mother’s side) was from Paisley, worked on Gold Coast and settled in Manchester; mother born in Manchester. Description of how parents met. Father did not fight in First World War because he worked on the railways (reserved occupation). Born 24 December 1930. Description of sister, now aged 91, and her occupations pre and post-Second World War. [18:28] Description of witnessing father dying in 1939, aged 60. Description of financial difficulties after death of father. Description of the history of Southport. Description of house in Southport. Sister went to work after death of father. Description of going to primary school. Achieved good marks but lots of absences because of illness. Well taken care of by Merseyside NHS. Diagnosed with abdominal TB. Was taken out of school and tutored at home. Read Herodotus . Health problems disappeared at age 14. [42:45] Describes period of home tutoring as the best part of his