PRICE, Christopher (1932-2015).



Birmingham, Perry Barr
31 March 1966 - 18 June 1970
Lewisham West
28 February 1974 - 9 June 1983


Christopher Price was born on 26 January 1932 and grew up in East Keswick, Yorkshire. Educated at Leeds Grammar School and The Queen’s College, Oxford, he joined the Labour party when he was sixteen and became a Sheffield City Councillor in 1962. He married Annie Grierson Ross in 1956.

Price became Labour MP for Birmingham, Perry Barr in 1966, after an unsuccessful attempt to win in Shipley in 1964. He was not re-elected in 1970, but returned to Parliament in 1974 to represent Lewisham West, holding his seat until 1983. His work in the House mainly focused on education: he was the Parliamentary Private Secretary for the Education Minister and served as Chairman of the Select Committee on Education, Science and the Arts. He was also a Member of the European Parliament.

Chris Price died on 21 February, 2015.

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Transcript of clip

My problem: I was neither left-wing nor right-wing. Frequently, however, I felt that Labour was doing the wrong thing and sometimes I blurted it out at the Labour party group, which was meant to be private, but it was not private at all.  So I never became at all popular with either the left or the right, within either Birmingham or the Labour Party in London. I tended to specialize in education because you have to specialize in something. A lot of Labour party MPs were brought up in working class homes, were terrible aware of the difference between working class people and others. The others had to sort of pick up things and specialize in something…There were probably a half dozen of MPs who were rather like me. When they felt the Labour Party has done wrong we just didn’t do it in private, they started doing it in public and saying “you are doing it all wrong”. Harold Wilson was brilliant, but after Harold Wilson…Callaghan, he irritated me, because he always sort of – I would be standing there and he’d put his arm around my shoulder: “How are you doing Chris? It’s all right for you, you know, with your first class honours degree” and I would say “Jim, I got a third class”, “Well, anyway it was in Oxford. Anyway, it’s all the same for people like you”. He was fairly bitter about the posh classes and this is why he and Wilson didn’t get along very well.

Summary of interview

Track 1 [59:39] [Session one: 15 October 2012]. Christopher Price [CP], born {}1932. Mentions childhood in East Keswick, Yorkshire and attending Leeds Grammar School. Mentions becoming interested in labour politics after 1944 elections. Mentions family members belonging to Congregationalist church. Description of being fascinated by the way Congregationalists voted for church leader. Remarks on evacuation to Wales during WWII and anti-Semitism in Leeds during WWII. Mentions Gerald Kaufman [GK] being at same school and encouraging CP to join Labour party. Describes attending Labour party meetings. Remarks on how studying classics in Sixth form was all about politics. Mentions going to Oxford University where he joined Oxford Labour Club and was chairman of Oxford Labour Party Group. Description of father’s stammer. Description of father reading war announcement from Yorkshire Post. Mentions evacuation of Leeds Grammar pupils to Yorkshire Dales and Wales. Mentions father’s role in promoting higher education in Leeds and London. Mentions choosing Queen’s College at Oxford and being active in Labour party there. Mentions GK being at Oxford at same time. [11:10] Description of anti-Semitism in Leeds in late 1940s. Description of Jewish association with Leeds clothing industry. Description of being evacuee and the matron’s popularity among schoolboys. Description of CP’s family moving to London after WWII while CP stayed in Leeds to finish his schooling. Description of GK’s family. Mentions CP’s aptitude for Latin and Greek. Description of National Service and being thrown out of Officer Cadet School (OCS) for being argumentative. Reflection on living in Leeds with his Methodist teacher Reverend {Warrell}. Description of radar training course in army. Reflection on association with GK. Mentions teacher training and being chairman of International Union of Socialist Youth. Anecdote IUSY meeting where members communicated in Latin. [29:56] Anecdote about scruffy appearance contributing to being thrown out of OCS. Mentions family’s move to London. Mentions brothers attending Merton College at Oxford. Description of himself as a loner. Further description of army radar course. Remarks on leaving the army two days before starting university. [40:27] Comments on the other soldiers who started at the same time. Comments on translating Yorkshire Post articles into Latin and Greek at school. Comments on Yorkshire Post being anti-Labour. Anecdote about his father’s intellect and digging for victory. Mentions teaching for 10 years at Ecclesfield Grammar School. Remarks on being secretary of Labour Club and chairman of Labour Party Group at Oxford. Comments on learni