Editorial Board

The current editorial board are:

Dr Paul Cavill, University of Cambridge

Professor Elaine Chalus, University of Liverpool

Professor Richard Cust, University of Birmingham

Professor Julian Hoppit, University College London

Professor John Morrill FBA (Chairman), University of Cambridge

Professor Helen Parr, Keele University

Dr Gordon Pentland, University of Edinburgh

Professor Jane WintersSchool of Advance Study, University of London 

The Trustees appoint an Editorial Board of scholars to advise them and the Director of the History of Parliament on the History of Parliament’s academic policy, practice and related matters, and to guarantee the intellectual rigour and scholarly standards of the work. The Board’s terms of reference are determined by the Trustees. Among other things, the Board

- oversees the appointment of new staff and internal promotion of members of the research staff.

- reviews the output of the History of Parliament over each six-monthly reporting period (members of the Board read and comment on articles drafted by History of Parliament staff).

- advises on and assists with other academic projects undertaken by the Trust.

- advises on the policy of the Trust in relation to any other matters, which may include, inter alia: the selection and definition of academic projects; the content and presentation of the work of the History of Parliament; publication; and making the work of the History of Parliament more widely known.

- Members of the Board may also be called upon to act as part of a panel under the History of Parliament’s disciplinary procedure for staff.

The Board consists of a maximum of seven members, appointed by the Trustees for up to three four-year terms. It normally meets four times a year, in advance of Trustees’ meetings.

The History is an Associate body of the Institute of Historical Research (www.history.ac.uk) and the School of Advanced Study (www.sas.ac.uk), University of London.