Research and Administrative Staff


See below for details of all of the History's research, public engagement and administrative staff, as well as information on other contributors to the website. To contact a member of the History's staff please use email. Generally, email addresses consist of the first initial and surname followed by '@histparl.ac.uk': for example pseaward@histparl.ac.uk is Paul Seaward's address. A small number use a slightly different format, consisting of the forename of the individual followed by '@histparl.ac.uk. On the occasion that the former format does not work, please use the latter.

For general inquiries, use the 'contact us' tab above.


Dr Jennifer Davey Director
Adam Tucker Office Manager
Connie Jeffery Engagement Manager
Kirsty O'Rourke Engagement Assistant
Dr Stephen Roberts Emeritus Director
Dr Paul Seaward Emeritus Director