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Welcome to our section for 11-14 year olds and their teachers!

Here you will find all our resources to help you discover British history and the role that Parliament played in it: the MPs, the decisions they took and the places and campains they represented.

Our resources are divided into the topics below.

We are now delighted to introuduce our latest pack of resources about the founder of the History of Parliament Trust, early twentieth century parliamentarian, Colonel Josiah C. Wedgwood. We use his career as a starting point to explore the international political situation in 1930s Europe. Key topics include the appeasement of Hitler and the assistance of Jewish refugees.


Political Reform, explores the changes to the British political system between the late 18th century until the 1880s. The resources will help you learn about how Britain went from a country where only a very few, very rich people had a say in politics, to a country that was much more democratic (at least if you were a man!).


You can discover what changes were made by Parliament, explore the lives of MPs who were both for and against political reform, and learn about how ordinary people in parliamentary constituencies influenced the changes through protest.


We also include full scheme of work For Teachers that includes six distinct lesson plans that can be adapted to children of different abilities. This topic supports the new curriculum for history which now emphasises more topics on British history.



Our first topic, the Reformation, looks at the religious changes of the 16th century under the Tudors. The resources will help you learn about what happened during the Reformation and the role of Parliament under the different Tudor monarchs, explore the lives of the MPs who helped make the changes, and discover how ordinary people in parliamentary constituencies were affected by the upheaval. There are also schemes of work, resources and activity sheets for teachers and reference materials.


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