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On this page you will find information to help you work through our materials, and some links to other websites for more on the Political Reform in the nineteenth century.


The following pages are all to help you use the materials in the other sections of the website, understand the terms used, and put events into context:


- A glossary of terms used


- A chronology of key events


- A brief chronology of the Reform Acts


Sources and further information


We've also grouped together some extra resources for you. Some are from other parts of this website (although remember that some of this material will be much more detailed) and some from other websites. There are also some primary source materials - materials from the time.


We've grouped them in to different topics for you:


The political system before 1832

The 1832 Reform Act


The 1867 Reform Act & 1872 Ballot Act

Later Reforms: 1880s



The political system before 1832

- History of Parliament 'Explore' article: Peterloo and the Six Acts

- History of Parliament full biographies: Edmund Burke, Henry Hunt

- British Library: Thomas Paine’s 'Rights of Man' 

- British Library: Official report into Peterloo massacre

- People’s History Museum: Peterloo print


The 1832 Reform Act

- History of Parliament 'Explore' article: Earl Grey's government

- History of Parliament full biographies: Charles, Earl Grey, Lord John Russell, Sir Richard Vyvyan

- British Library: The 1832 Reform Act (primary source)

- UK Parliament: The 1832 Reform Act

- Spectator Archive: Report on the Bristol riots (primary source)

- BBC Website: Bristol Riots

- Guardian Article (Dr Tristram Hunt): Bristol Riots



- British Library: Chartism schools materials

- British Library: Chartism primary sources (including the People's Charter)

- National Archives: Chartism schools materials

- People's History Museum: Feargus O'Connor medal (primary source)

- People's History Museum: The People's Charter (primary source)

- UK Parliament: Chartism


The 1867 Reform Act & 1872 Ballot Act

- 'Victorian Commons' blog: elections before the secret ballot

- 'History of Parliament' blog: the first secret ballot

- Guardian Archive: Report on Hyde Park riots (primary source)

- National Archives: Reform League poster (primary source)

- Pontefract museum: Pontefract ballot box (primary source)

- UK Parliament: Second Reform Act


Later Reforms: 1880s

- UK Parliament: Third Reform Act

- Gov.uk Past Prime Ministers: William Gladstone











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