Double Member Borough

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1754-1790, ed. L. Namier, J. Brooke., 1964
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Background Information

Right of Election:

in burgage holders

Number of voters:



18 Apr. 1754Thomas Lister 
 Assheton Curzon 
31 Mar. 1761Thomas Lister 
 Assheton Curzon 
18 Dec. 1761Nathaniel Lister vice Thomas Lister, deceased 
19 Mar. 1768Nathaniel Lister 
 Assheton Curzon 
16 Apr. 1773Thomas Lister vice Nathaniel Lister, vacated his seat 
10 Oct. 1774Thomas Lister 
 Assheton Curzon 
13 Sept. 1780Thomas Lister33
 John Parker31
 Assheton Curzon17
20 Apr. 1782John Lee vice Parker, vacated his seat 
23 Apr. 1783Lee re-elected after appointment to office 
26 Nov. 1783Lee re-elected after appointment to office 
2 Apr. 1784Thomas Lister 
 John Lee 

Main Article

From 1754 to 1780 Clitheroe was a pocket borough of the Lister and Curzon families, who jointly held 53 out of its 102 burgages. But in 1780 Thomas Lister cheated his partner out of his share in the representation of the borough by refusing to agree to the conveyance of the joint burgages to nominal voters. Having thus set aside 53 of the burgages, Lister, who held 30 out of the remaining 49, was able to nominate to both seats; which he did, despite the protests of the Curzon family, for the remainder of this period.

Author: John Brooke