Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1790-1820, ed. R. Thorne, 1986
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This section of the Survey provides a list of the abbreviations used in the volumes for this period, in addition to standard and self-explanatory abbreviations, Please note that there are separate lists for the preliminary paragraphs (the family and education and career elements) and for the notes.

In the preliminary paragraphs:

calledcalled to the bar
c.j.chief justice
c.p.common pleas
da.daughter, daughters
e.elder, eldest
EIEast Indies, East India
ft.regiment of foot
[GB]Great Britain, British
g.s.grammar school
gd.-s., etc.grandson, etc.
h.s.high school
[I]Ireland, Irish
l.c.j.lord chief justice
m. married
s.son, sons
[S]Scotland, Scottish
SCJSenator of the College of Justice
suc. succeeded
WIWest Indies, West Indian


In the footnotes:

Add.Additional mss, British Library
AHR American Historical Review
AOArchives Office
Bodl.Bodleian Library, Oxford
Buckingham, Court and Cabinets Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, Memoirs of the Court and Cabinets of George the Third , 4vv (1853-5)
Buckingham, Regency Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, Memoirs of the Court of England during the Regency, 1811-20 , 2vv (1856)
Burke Corresp. The Correspondence of Edmund Burke ed. Copeland et al, 9vv (1958-70)
Burke LG Burke’s Landed Gentry
Burke PB Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage
CB Complete Baronetage
CJ Journals of the House of Commons
Colchester The Diary and Correspondence of Charles Abbot, Lord Colchester ed. Colchester, 3vv (1861)
CP Complete Peerage
D Am. B. Dictionary of American Biography
Debrett John Debrett, Parliamentary Register (for debates 1790-1803)
DNB Dictionary of National Biography
Dublin SPOState Paper Office, Dublin
DWB Dictionary of Welsh Biography
EgertonEgerton mss, British Library
EHR English Historical Review
Farington The Farington Diary ed. Greig, 8vv (1922-8)
Farington Diary (Yale ed.)The Diary of Joseph Farington ed. Garlick and Macintyre (1978- )
Geo. III Corresp. The Later Correspondence of George III ed. Aspinall, 5vv (1962-70)
Geo. IV Letters The Letters of King George IV, 1812-1830 ed. Aspinall, 3vv (1938)
HMC Historical Manuscripts Commission
HOHome Office
Horner Mems. Memoirs and Correspondence of Francis Horner MP ed. Horner, 4vv (1843)
Horner Mems.(1853) refers to the expanded Boston edition of the foregoing
Jnl. Journal
Leveson Gower Lord Granville Leveson Gower (First Earl Granville), Private Correspondence, 1781 to 1821 ed. Countess Granville, 2vv (1916)
Minto Life and Letters of Sir Gilbert Elliot, First Earl of Minto from 1751 to 1806 ed. Countess of Minto, 3vv (1874)
N. and Q. Notes and Queries
NLINational Library of Ireland
NMMNational Maritime Museum
NLSNational Library of Scotland
NLWNational Library of Wales
Oldfield, Boroughs T. H. B. Oldfield, An Entire and Complete History ... of the Boroughs of Great Britain , 2nd ed. 2vv (1794)
Oldfield, Boroughs (1792)refers to the three volume edition of 1792
Oldfield, Rep. Hist. T. H. B. Oldfield, The Representative History of Great Britain and Ireland , 6vv (1816)
Oldfield, Key T. H. B. Oldfield, A Key to the House of Commons (1820)
Parl. Deb. Cobbett’s Parliamentary Debates (for debates 1803-20)
PCCPrerogative Court of Canterbury
PP Parliamentary Papers
Prince of Wales Corresp. The Correspondence of George, Prince of Wales 1770-1812 ed. Aspinall, 8vv (1963-71)
PROPublic Record Office (documents being referred to by their class number only)
PRO NIPublic Record Office of Northern Ireland
RORecord Office
Sen. The Senator: or, Parliamentary Chronicle (for debates 1790-1802)
SHR Scottish Historical Review
SROPublic Record Office of Scotland
UCNWUniversity College of North Wales
VCH Victoria County History
WOWar Office
WoodfallW. Woodfall, An Impartial Report of the Debates ...

Ref Volumes: 1790-1820

Author: R. G. Thorne

End Notes