Appendix IX

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1820-1832, ed. D.R. Fisher, 2009
Available from Cambridge University Press

Bibliography of Manuscript Sources



1. London repositories

2. United Kingdom repositories outside London

3. Borough records

4. Mss in private possession

5. Foreign archives and libraries




The British Library

In addition to the following collections in the Department of Manuscripts, numerous individual items have been used from the Additional and Egerton sequences for individual biographies and constituency accounts.


34613-34614 (Macvey Napier mss)


35148-35154; 37949 (Place mss)


35394-35691; 45034 (Hardwicke mss)


36458-36466; 47223; 47336; 56541-56557 (Broughton mss)


37048 (letters on the death of William Huskisson)


37184-37185 (Babbage mss)


37292-37351 (Wellesley mss)


38080 (Lord John Russell mss)


38191-38475; 38575-38578 (Liverpool mss)


38742-38763; 39948 (Huskisson mss)


38781 (Robert Stephenson mss)


38833 (letters of G. Canning to J. Hookham Frere)


39191-39204 (Mackenzie mss)


40219-40617; 62939 (Sir Robert Peel mss)


40687 (letters from H.P. Brougham to Sir J.A.Murray)


40862; 40878-40880 (Ripon mss)


41265-41267A (Clarkson mss)


41368; 41378 (Martin mss)


41561 (Heytesbury mss)


41835 (Middleton mss)


41853 (Thomas Grenville mss)


41963-41964 (Pasley mss)


42584 (Sherborn Autographs)


43057; 43083; 43193; 43212; 43231-43256 (Aberdeen mss)


43061 (Prime Ministers’ Correspondence – Peel)


43507 (Misc. mss – dukes of Cleveland)


44866 (Mackenzie mss)


45548-45551 (Lamb mss)


46841 (Canning mss)


48221 (Morley mss)


48406 (Paget mss)


51342; 51385; 51533; 51534; 51542; 51558; 51562-51590; 51596-51681; 51686-51692; 51698-51701; 51724; 51729; 51741; 51742; 51746; 51748-51750; 51765; 51766; 51782-51787; 51811; 51813; 51818; 51820; 51830; 51834-51837; 51959; 52010-52012; 52015; 52017; 52057-52059; 52176; 52182; 52195 (Holland House mss)


52444; 52445; 52447; 52448; 52453 (Mackintosh mss)


52467; 52471 (Croker mss)


53816 (Misc. letters – F.W. Trench)


56368 (Halsbury mss)


57366-57469 (Herries mss)


58855-58992; 59494; 69050; 69082; 69363; 69264; 69366 (Fortescue mss)


60286-60289 (Hertford mss)


60463 (Beauvale mss)


61937 (Fazakerley mss)


62953-62954 (Brook Taylor mss)


64813 (Pelham mss)


70928 (Wellesley (Grenville) mss)


75773-76625 (Althorp mss)



1964 (William Wilberforce mss; letters to Lady Sparrow)


3261; 3263 (Hertford mss)


3385B; 3508 (Leeds mss)


3718 (W. Forsyth, History of the Captivity of Napoleon at St. Helena)


Henry Fox Talbot Trust collection (formerly at Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock, Wiltshire)


Lansdowne mss


Papers of Henry Petty Fitzmaurice, 3rd mq. of Lansdowne


Asia, Pacific and Africa collections (formerly OIR)


Robinson mss


Sampson mss


The National Archives

Wills and administrations, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and death duty registers


Chancery class:


C60 (Fines)


Foreign Office class:


FO352 (Stratford Canning mss)


PRO class:


TNA (PRO) 30/8/368 (Chatham mss)


TNA (PRO) 30/9/16 (Colchester mss)


TNA (PRO) 30/11/277 (Cornwallis mss)


TNA (PRO) 30/29/6-12 (Granville mss)


Treasury class


T260, 261


Other London Repositories

Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London


Simon Taylor mss


Minutes of the West India Committee of Planters and Merchants (microfilm)


Institute of Historical Research, University of London


Sir James Graham mss (microfilm)


Lambeth Palace Library


MS 4243


London Metropolitan Archives


Byng family papers


Jersey mss


Whitbread mss


Wood family papers


London School of Economics Archives


Richard Potter mss (Coll. Misc. 0146)


London University Research and Library Services


Booth mss (MS 797)


Papers of John Bradley and Company (MS 798)


National Maritime Museum, Caird Library


Croker mss


Milne mss


Troubridge mss


Parliamentary Archives (House of Lords Record Office)


Diary of Henry Grey Bennet (HL/PO/RO/1/129)


Diary of Samuel Barrett Moulton Barrett (HC/LB/1/89)


Thomas Greene mss


Le Marchant mss


Religious Society of Friends in Britain Library, Friends House, London


Gurney mss (Temp. MSS 434)


University College, London, Special Collections


Brougham mss


College Correspondence, 1828-49


Creevey mss (microfilm)


Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK) mss


Dr. Williams’s Library


Records of the Protestant Society for the Protection of Religious Liberty


Records of the Village Itinerancy Society (New College collection)


Rev. Mark Wilks mss




Aberdeen University Library, Historic Collections


Arbuthnot mss


Duff of Braco mss



Bangor University Archives and Special Collections


Baron Hill mss


Henllys mss


Kinmel mss


Maenan mss


Mona Mine mss


Mostyn of Mostyn mss


Nannau mss


Plas Coch mss


Penrhos mss


Plas Newydd mss


Porth-yr-Aur mss



Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service 


Bedfordshire election mss


Lucas (formerly Wrest) mss


Russell mss


Whitbread mss


Wynne mss



Berkshire Record Office


Mount mss


Loveden mss


Pleydell-Bouverie mss


Pusey mss



Berwick-upon-Tweed Record Office


Blake mss



Birmingham University Library, Special Collections


Eyton letters


Slaney family mss



Bodleian Library, Oxford


Beckford mss


Bland Burges mss


Bruce family papers


Buxton mss (at Rhodes House)


Clarendon dep. mss


Dashwood mss


Lord Robert Grosvenor mss


Hughenden mss


Phillips-Robinson mss


Risley mss


Russell (of Swallowfield) mss


Wilberforce mss


MS Eng. hist. c. 297


MS Eng. lett. c. 60, 159, 160, 177, 234, 439, 651; d. 58, 153, 154, 236


MS Eng. misc. c. 406


GA Oxon. b. 195, 8 220; Staffs. b. 6


MS Top. Oxon. c. 327, 351; Warws. c. 4; Yorks. c. 43



Borthwick Institue of Historical Research, York


Hickleton mss (Halifax Archive)



Bristol Record Office


Blaise Castle mss


Hare mss



Bristol University Library, Special Collections 


Baillie papers (part of the Pinney Archive)



Cambridge University Library


Acton mss


Buxton (of Shadwell Court) mss


Pollock mss


Vanneck-Arcedeckne mss


William Smith mss



Cardiff Central Library


Bute estate letterbooks (MS 4.713)



Carmarthenshire Archives Service


Aberglasney mss


Cawdor mss


Cwmgwili mss


Dinefwr mss


Plas Llanstephan mss



Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies


Buckinghamshire mss


Fremantle mss


Spencer Bernard mss



Centre for Kentish Studies


Camden mss


De L’Isle mss


Gambier mss


Harris mss


Honywood mss


Knatchbull mss


Knocker collection


Stanhope (of Chevening) mss


Twisden mss



Cheshire Archives and Local Studies (formerly Chester and Cheshire Archives)


Cheshire quarter sessions mss


Stanley of Alderley mss



Christ Church, Oxford Archives


Phillimore mss



Cornwall Record Office


Buller mss


Fowey borough elections


Hawkins mss


Treffry mss (History of Parliament Aspinall transcripts)


Tremayne mss


Vyvyan mss



Coventry History Centre, Herbert Gallery and Museum


Coventry Political Union mss


Carter and Doggett mss



Cricklade Museum


MSS 938


MSS 1051



Cumbria Record Office (Carlisle)


Howard of Corby Castle mss


Howard of Greystoke mss


Lonsdale mss


Musgrave mss



Cumbria Record Office (Kendal)


Bagot and Levens Hall mss


Carus Wilson mss


Underley deeds



Cumbria Record Office (Whitehaven)


Curwen mss



Denbighshire Record Office


Lowther of Swillington mss


Wynnstay mss



Derbyshire Record Office


Catton (Wilmot-Horton) mss


Fitzherbert of Tissington mss


Gresley of Drakelow mss


Pares mss


Strutt mss



Devon Record Office


Earl Fortescue mss


Northcote mss


Sidmouth mss



Doncaster Archives


Kingston mss (part of the Owston estate papers of the Davies-Cooke family)



Dorset History Centre


Anglesey estate mss


Bankes mss


Bond mss


Colfox mss


Dorset election expenses


Forde Abbey estate mss


Fox Strangways mss


Lester-Garland mss


Williams family of Bridehead mss



Dundee City Archives


Camperdown mss



Durham County Record Office


Brancepeth mss


Londonderry mss


Strathmore mss



Durham University Library, Heritage Collections


Durham Probate Records


Grey mss


Howard of Naworth mss


Wharton mss



East Sussex Record Office


Diaries of Sir George Shiffner


Monk Bretton mss



Essex Record Office


Barrett Lennard mss


Gunnis mss


Rayleigh mss


Diary of John Round (D/DRh/F25/13)


Sperling mss



Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge


MS 15-1948



Flintshire Record Office


Hawarden estate mss


Keene and Kelly mss


Kenyon Trustees mss


Leeswood mss


Mostyn mss



Glamorgan Record Office.


Bute estate papers


Merthyr Mawr estate mss


Nichol Collection



Glasgow City Archives, Mitchell Library, Glasgow


Campbell of Succouth papers


Maxwells of Pollok collection


Speirs of Elderslie papers



Gloucestershire Archives


Clifford mss


Hyett mss


Sotheron Estcourt mss



Gwent Record Office


Evans and Evill mss


Hanbury of Pontypool mss


Llewellin and Co. (Usk) mss


Rolls (Llangattock) mss



Gwynedd Archives Service, Caernarfon


Glynllifon mss


Madocks mss


Poole mss


Vaynol mss



Hampshire Archives and Local Studies


Bonham Carter mss


Calthorpe mss


Carnarvon mss


Jervoise mss


Malmesbury mss


Quarter Sessions Records


Paultons (Sloane Stanley) mss


Sturges Bourne mss


Tierney mss



Harris Manchester College, Oxford


William Shepherd mss



Herefordshire Archive Service


Belmont Abbey mss


Clive mss


Cotterell mss


Diaries of John Biddulph of Ledbury


Pateshall mss



Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies


Caledon mss


Clinton mss (letters)


Lytton mss


Lytton (Knebworth) mss


Panshanger mss


Verulam mss



Hertford Museum


Election handbills (HETF m.4431.1)



Horsham Museum, West Sussex


MS 185



Hull Local Studies Library, Hull Central Library


Wilson-Barkworth mss



Hull University Library (Brynmor Jones Library)


Forbes-Adam family of Escrick papers


Hotham family of Scorborough and South Dalton papers



Huntingdonshire Archives


Sandwich mss


Manchester mss



John Rylands University Library, Manchester


Bromley Davenport muniments


Carrington papers


Spring Rice collection



Keele University Library


North mss


Sneyd mss



Lancashire Record Office


Dawson Greene mss


Derby (of Knowsley) mss


Francis & Co. mss


Henry Hunt mss


Houghton mss


Hulton mss


Preston election squibs


Rawstorne mss


Whittaker (of Simonstone) mss


Wilson Patten mss



Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Record Office


Braye mss


Hartopp mss



Lincolnshire Archives


Ancaster mss


Brownlow mss


Fane mss


Tennyson d’Eyncourt mss



Liverpool Record Office


Derby mss


Liverpool Parliament Office mss


Roscoe mss



Midlothian Council Archives


Don Wauchope of Edmondstone family papers



National Archives of Scotland


Airlie papers (GD16)


Buccleuch papers (GD224)


Dundas family of Melville, Viscounts Melville (G51)


Hamilton-Dalrymple of North Berwick papers (GD110)


Haddington papers (GD249)


Home-Robertson of Paxton papers (Home of Wedderburn mss) (GD 267)


Hope family of Luffness papers (GD364)


Kerr family, marquesses of Lothian papers (GD40)


Leslie family, earls of Leven and Melville papers (GD26)


Mackenzie family, earls of Seaforth papers (GD46)


Ogilvy of Inverquharity papers (GD205)


Ogilvy family, earls of Seafield (GD248)


Rosslyn papers (GD104)


Scott family of Harden, Lords Polwarth (GD157)


Stair mss (GD135) (History of Parliament Aspinall transcripts)


Warrand of Bught mss (GD23)



National Library of Wales


Aberpergwm mss


Aston Hall mss


Badminton mss


Bronwydd mss


Bute mss


Chirk Castle mss


Coedymaen mss


Crosswood (Trawsgoed) mss


Sir Leonard Twiston-Davies mss


Dillwyn diaries


Eaton, Evans and Williams mss


Edwinsford mss


Fronheulog mss


Garn (1956) mss


Glanpaith mss


Glansevern mss


Glansevin mss


Glynne of Hawarden mss


Gogerddan mss


Gwernyfed mss


Harpton Court mss


Highmead mss


D.T.M. Jones mss


Llanfair and Brynodol mss


Llangibby Castle mss


Lucas mss


Mân Adnau (minor accessions)


Mayberry mss


Nanhoron mss


Nannau mss


Nanteos mss


NLW ms 1886 B (letters from Ifor Ceri)


NLW ms 1888 E (letters to Ifor Ceri)


NLW ms 2793 D-2797 D (Henry Williams Wynn letters)


NLW ms 4815-4817 (Charles Williams Wynn letters)


NLW ms 6596 E (Margam estate mss)


NLW ms 10804 D (Charles Williams Wynn letters)


NLW ms 14984A (Thomas Clarkson diary)


NLW ms 18541B, journal of Iltyd Nicholl


Nicholl (family) mss


Ormathwaite mss


Penlle’rgaer mss


Penrice and Margam mss


Plas-yn-Cefn mss


Porthmadoc mss


Powis Castle mss


Henry Rumsey Williams mss


Tredegar mss


Vivian mss


Williams and Williams (Haverfordwest) mss


Wynnstay mss



National Library of Scotland


Abercromby mss


Cochrane mss


Crawford and Balcarres mss


Ellice mss


Galloway mss


Gleig mss


Lee mss


Melville mss


Rose mss



Norfolk Record Office


Blickling Hall mss


Browne-Ffolkes mss


Bulwer mss


Gunton mss


Gurney mss


Howard (Castle Rising) mss


Kerrison mss


Kimberley mss


Ketton-Cremer mss


Norfolk elections mss


Rumbold mss


Wodehouse (of Kimberley) mss



Northamptonshire Record Office


Agar Ellis diary


Cartwright mss


Finch Hatton mss


Fitzwilliam mss


Gotch mss


Watson of Rockingham mss



Northumberland Collections Service (formerly Record Office)


Blackett-Ord mss


Blackett (Wylam) mss


Hope-Wallace mss


Middleton (Belsay) mss


Ridley (Blagdon) mss


St. Paul Butler mss



North Yorkshire County Record Office


Zetland mss



Nottinghamshire Archives


Savile mss


Tallents mss



Nottingham University Library, Manuscripts and Special Collections


Newcastle mss


Ossington mss


Portland mss



Orkney Library and Archives


Balfour mss



Pembrokeshire Record Office (Pembrokeshire County Council)


Pembrokeshire election papers


Sir Richard Bulkeley Philipps Grant Philipps papers



Plymouth and West Devon Record Office


Bastard of Kitley mss



Public Record Office of Northern Ireland


Anglesey papers (D619)


Belmore papers (D3007)


Beresford papers (T3285)


Beresford papers (T3396)


Brooke of Killeagh papers (T2975)


Caledon East India Company papers (D2432)


Caledon papers (D2433)


Castlereagh papers (D3030)


Church of Ireland diocesan records (DIO)


Clanwilliam/Meade papers (D3044)


Close (Richardson of Drum) papers (D2002)


Correspondence between Charles, 2nd Earl Talbot and W. Gregory (D4100)


De Ros papers (MIC573)


Donegal and Londonderry city papers (D1935)


Downshire papers (D671)


Dufferin and Ava papers (D1071)


Dungannon corporation minute book (MIC547)


Emerson Tennent papers (D2922)


English politicians in Ireland (T2627)


Fitzgerald papers (MIC639)


Foster-Massereene papers (D207)


Foster-Massereene papers (D2519)


Granard papers (T3765)


Hart papers (D3077)


History of Irish Parliament files (ENV5/HP)


Ker papers (D2651)


Leader papers (D3653)


Leslie papers (MIC606)


Londonderry papers (D654)


Lord Dacre/Barrett-Lennard family (Clones) papers (MIC170)


Madden papers (D3465)


Marquess of Londonderry papers (T1536)


Massereene-Foster papers (D562)


McClintock diaries (MIC582)


McGildowney papers (D1375)


Meade estate papers (MIC259)


Misc. estate and legal papers (D353)


Montgomery papers (T1638)


Nugent papers (D552)


Pack-Beresford papers (D664)


Papers deposited by M.T. Orr (D2934)


Papers of Aynsworth Pilson (D365)


Papers of Rev. Mark Cassidy (D1088)


Papers of the Hill family (D642)


Perceval-Maxwell papers (D3244)


Primate Beresford papers (D3279)


Primate Beresford’s correspondence (T2772)


Records of the Young family (D2930)


Robert/Maurice Fitzgerald papers (T3075)


Rossmore papers (T2929)


Sharman Crawford papers (D856)


Shannon papers (D2707)


Shirley papers (D3531)


Smith, Johnston-Smyth and Cupples papers (D2099)


Stewart of Killymoon papers (D3167)


Stewart-Bam papers (D4137)


Tyler papers (D3220)


Verner estate papers (D236)



Reading University Library, Special Collections


Carlisle election squibs etc. (Printing collection)



Redbridge Local Studies and Archives


Long Wellesley papers



St. Andrews University Library, Special Collections


Melville mss



St. Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden


Glynne-Gladstone mss



Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive, Stratford-upon-Avon


Philips mss DR 198



Sheffield Archives


Hoyland Nether papers


Wentworth Woodhouse muniments


Wharncliffe mss



Shropshire Archives


Alderman Jones mss


Blakemore mss (Potts & Potts)


Bygott Mss


Clive-Powis mss


Corbett of Longnor mss (Plymley diary)


Forester collection (Weld-Forester mss)


Rev. J.C. Hill mss


Hulbert mss


Ludford Park mss


Morris-Eyton mss


Henry Pigeon mss


Powis collection



Somerset Record Office


Dickinson mss


Drake mss


Dixon mss


Fooks mss


Henley mss


Herbert of Pixton Park mss


Lethbridge mss


Lutterell mss


Sanford mss


Tudway mss



Southampton University Library


Broadlands archives


Wellington papers



Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archives Service


Dartmouth mss


Hatherton mss


Jerningham mss


Sutherland mss



Suffolk Record Office (Bury St. Edmunds)


Election papers


Grafton mss (family and estate papers)


Hervey mss


James Oakes mss



Suffolk Record Office (Ipswich)


Barne mss


Broke of Nacton mss


Election papers


Henniker mss


Tomline mss



Surrey History Centre


Goulburn mss


Howard (of Ashtead) mss



Swedenborg Society of London, Swedenborg House, London


Swedenborg Society (London) archives



Trinity College, Cambridge


Dawson Turner mss



Tyne and Wear Archives Service (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)


Ellison (of Hebburn) mss



Warwickshire County Record Office


Bolton King mss


Craven (of Coombe Abbey) mss


Diaries of William Stratford Dugdale


Greville of Warwick Castle mss


Heath and Blenkinsop mss


Lucy of Charlecote mss


Moore and Tibbit mss


Pennant mss


Philips mss


Philips Memoirs (MI 247)


Shirley mss


Skipwith mss


Stoneleigh (Mordaunt) mss


Throckmorton mss



West Sussex Record Office


Goodwood mss


Petworth House archive



West Yorkshire Archive Service, Leeds


Harewood mss


Stapleton mss


Starkie (Armitage) mss



Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


Ailesbury mss


Bastard mss


Benett mss


Bevir mss (formerly Spackman, Dale and Hood papers)


Burdett mss


Calley mss


Clarendon mss


Heytesbury mss


Hobhouse mss


Keary, Stokes and White mss


Lovell (of Cole Park) mss


Marlborough (Burke) mss


Mullings mss


Neeld mss


Pembroke mss


Peniston mss


Pollen mss


Poore mss


Radnor mss


Simpson mss



Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies


Wenlock papers



Worcestershire Record Office


Lechmere mss



Yorkshire Archaeological Society Archives


Duke of Leeds collection





National Library of Wales


Berkshire RO (Preston mss)


Hampshire Archives and Local Studies


Suffolk RO (Ipswich)


Oxfordshire RO


North Devon RO


Bath and North East Somerset RO


Bangor University Archives and Special Collections


Berwick-upon-Tweed RO

Bishop’s Castle

Shropshire Archives


Somerset RO


Dorset History Centre

Bury St. Edmunds

Suffolk RO (Bury St. Edmunds)


Gwynedd Archives Service, Caernarfon


Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


Cambridgeshire Archives


Canterbury Cathedral Archives


Archifdy Ceredigion


Cumbria RO (Carlisle)


Cheshire Archives and Local Studies (formerly Chester and Cheshire Archives)


Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


Dorset History Centre


Coventry History Centre, Herbert Gallery and Museum


Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


Dorset History Centre


Dundee City Archives


Suffolk RO (Ipswich)


Durham CRO


Suffolk RO (Ipswich)


Cornwall RO


Gloucestershire Archives

Great Yarmouth

Norfolk RO


Pembrokeshire RO


Herefordshire Archive Service


Cornwall RO


Somerset RO


Suffolk RO (Ipswich)

King’s Lynn

Norfolk RO


Lancashire RO


Herefordshire Archive Service


Cornwall RO


Shropshire Archives

Lyme Regis

Dorset History Centre


Centre for Kentish Studies


Essex RO


(Copy at) Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


Gwent RO


Northumberland Collections Service


Tyne and Wear Archives

New Woodstock

Oxfordshire RO


Norfolk RO


Suffolk RO (Ipswich)


Oxfordshire RO


Cornwall RO


Dorset History Centre and Poole Museum


Lancashire RO


Centre for Kentish Studies


Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre


East Sussex RO


Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


Centre for Kentish Studies


Dorset History Centre


Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archives Service


Suffolk RO (Bury St. Edmunds)


Gloucestershire Archives


Norwich RO


Gwent RO


Berkshire RO


Dorset History Centre


Wells City RO


Dorset History Centre


Wiltshire and Swindon Archives


East Sussex RO

Wootton Bassett

Wiltshire and Swindon Archives




Arundel Castle mss at Arundel Castle, Sussex

The Baring Archive at 60 London Wall, London, DEP 136.4

Beaufort mss at Badminton Hall, Gloucestershire

Bessborough mss at Stansted Park, Hampshire

Blair Adam mss at Blair Adam, Kinross (History of Parliament Aspinall transcripts)

Bradford mss at Weston Park, Shropshire (Aspinall transcripts)

Carew Pole mss at Antony, Cornwall

Castle Howard mss at Castle Howard, Yorkshire (Aspinall transcripts)

Dacres Adams papers at Woodford Lodge, Kettering, Northamptonshire (Aspinall transcripts)

Devonshire mss at Chatsworth, Derbyshire

Drummond mss at Cadland House, Fawley, Southampton

Dudmaston mss at Dudmaston Hall, Shropshire

Grosvenor mss at Eaton Hall, Cheshire

Hudson Gurney diary at Bawdeswell Hall, Norfolk

Harrowby mss at Sandon Hall, Staffordshire

Hatfield House mss at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

Hopetoun mss at Hopetoun House, West Lothian

Inverary Castle mss at Inverary Castle, Argyllshire (Aspinall transcripts)

Lambton mss at Lambton Park, County Durham (Aspinall transcripts)

Longleat mss at Longleat, Wiltshire

Macleod of Macleod mss at Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye

Macpherson Grant mss at Ballindalloch, Banffshire

Merthyr Mawr mss at Merthyr Mawr House, nr. Bridgend, Glamorgan

Oswald of Dunnikier mss at Valelands, nr. Billingshurst, West Sussex

Lord William Paget mss at Plas Newydd, Llanfairpwll, Anglesey

Pringle mss at Torwoodlee, Selkirkshire

Rutland mss at Belvoir Castle, Rutland (Aspinall transcripts)

Shaftesbury mss at Shaftesbury Estate Office, Wimborne St. Giles, Dorset

Smith Payne and Smith mss at Royal Bank of Scotland Archives, Edinburgh

‘Sudbury Borough’ (ms penes A.T. Copsey in 1991)

Tollemache (Dysart) mss at Buckminster Park, Grantham, Lincolnshire

Vernon mss (Aspinall transcripts)




Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript and Special Collections Library, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Fazakerley papers

Neeld family papers

Ponsonby papers


Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Macarthur mss

National Archives of Ireland

Blake mss

Leveson Gower mss

National Library of Ireland

Farnham mss

Grattan mss

Inchiquin mss

Leveson Gower mss

Melville mss

Moore mss

Newport mss

O’Gorman Mahon mss

O’Hara mss

Smith O’Brien mss

Spring Rice mss

Stackpole-Kenny mss

Vesey Fitzgerald mss

Villiers Stuart mss

Wyse mss

Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

Foster mss (23 G 39)

Trinity College, Dublin, Archives and Special Collections

Courtown mss

Domvile mss

Donoughmore mss

Jebb mss

Shapland Carew mss

Sligo mss

Trinity College, Dublin mss

Ref Volumes: 1820-1832

Author: Margaret Escott

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