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Visit our new oral history section to find pages dedicated to eighteen of our first interviewees, containing portraits from Michael Waller-Bridge, short biographies, full interview summaries and extracts from the interviews themselves.

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Buy 'Honour, Interest and Power' from Boydell and Brewer

This highly illustrated book presents the first results from the research undertaken by the History of Parliament Trust on the peers and bishops between the Restoration and the accession of George I.


Volumes available from Boydell and Brewer, at special winter prices

Our volumes covering 1386-1421, 1509-1558, 1558-1603, 1660-1690, 1690-1715, 1715-1754, 1754-1790, 1790-1820 are all still available from Boydell and Brewer, at special winter prices.

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The Rights of Women, or the Effects of Female Enfranchisement, 1853

An engraving by caricaturist George Cruikshank showing the supposed effect of giving women the vote. Sir Charles Darling, the attractive ’ladies candidate’, is receiving all of the attention; the 'great political economist Screw Driver' is...


Buy the seven volumes of The House of Commons 1820-32 (published 2009) from CUP

ed. D.R. Fisher (Cambridge University Press, 2009). ISBN 978-0-521-19314-6, current price £490
Introductory survey; 1367 biographies; 383 constituencies; 5838 pages

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Pitt addressing the House of Commons, 1793

This picture by the Austrian painter Karl Anton Hickel shows Prime Minister William Pitt speaking to the House in 1793, close to the outbreak of the French revolutionary wars. The chamber is the pre-fire House of Commons, the old St Stephen’s...


Buy the six volumes of The House of Commons 1604-29 from Cambridge University Press, now at the special price of £184!

ed. Andrew Thrush and John P. Ferris (Cambridge University Press, 2010), ISBN 978-1-107-00225-8, now at the special price of £184.
Introductory survey; 1782 biographies; 259 constituencies; 4686 pages

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