Dr Andrew Thrush

Current Research

Published Volumes

History of Parliament Research

My work at the History of Parliament consists mainly of writing, editing and revising draft biographies for the early seventeenth century House of Lords Section, which was established in 2010.  However, I am also gathering material for two of the planned survey volumes.  In addition, I am helping to oversee preparation of a separate set of volumes on the parliamentary debates of 1624.  These are intended to fill the gap in the series of debates published by the now defunct Yale Center for Parliamentary History.

The most significant biographical entry I have drafted so far is a 25,000 word re-evaluation of the early life and political career of Prince Charles (later Charles I).  I am currently preparing a lengthy and detailed entry on George Villiers, 1st duke of Buckingham.

Research and Publications

My most recent solo publications include:

- ‘King versus Commons’, History Today (2011),

- ‘The Parliamentary Opposition to Peace with Spain in 1604: A Speech of Sir Edward Hoby’, Parliamentary History (2004),

- ‘The French Marriage and the Origins of the 1614 Parliament’, in The Crisis of 1614 and the Addled Parliament: Literary and Historical Perspectives ed. S. Clucas and R. Davies (Ashgate, 2003),

- ‘The House of Lords’ Records Repository and the Clerk of the Parliaments’ House: A Tudor Achievement’, Parliamentary History (2002),

- ‘The Personal Rule of James I, 1611-1620’, in Politics, Religion and Popularity in Early Stuart Britain: Essays in Honour of Conrad Russell (CUP, 2002).

I have also helped in the preparation and editing of:

- Vice Admirals of the Coast (List and Index Soc. vol. 321; 2007) (with Sir John Sainty)

- Conrad Russell, King James VI and I and his English Parliaments (edited with Prof. Richard Cust)