Dr Charles Littleton

Current Research

Senior Research Fellow Lords 1660-1832

History of Parliament Research

For the History of Parliament I have written over 160 biographies of members of the House of Lords 1660-1715. Among my biographical subjects are the: earls of Ailesbury; earls of Bridgwater; earls of Burlington; earls of Chesterfield; dukes of Devonshire; marquesses of Halifax; Barons Holles; earls of Huntingdon; duke of Kingston; earls of Macclesfield; earls of Pembroke; earl of Portland; earl of Strafford; earls of Stamford; earl of Torrington.

Research and Publications

My publications include:

- 'Three (more) division lists from the Ailesbury Manuscripts: on the 'Church in Danger' (1705), the Septennial Act and forfeited estates of Jacobites (1716), in Institutional Practice and Memory: Parliamentary People, Records and Histories (2013)

- 'The Evolution of Parliament'; 'The Civil War'; 'The Glorious Revolution'; 'Parliament and Empire', sections of c. 15-20 pages each in Living Heritage section of the UK Parliament's website (completed 2009-10)

- 'The Work-diaires of Robert Boyle: An Electronic Transcription’, XML-encoded transcriptions, fully annotated, of Robert Boyle’s manuscript experimental records, the ‘workdiaries’. The transcriptions and their apparatus are available here.

- Ed. (with Randolph Vigne), From Strangers to Citizens: integration of immigrant communities in Britain, Ireland and colonial America, 1550-1750, proceedings of conference of the same name (Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland and Sussex Academic Press, 2001), 567 pp.

My current work in progress includes:

James Brydges's 'Journal of My Daily Actions', 1697-1700: the diary of a rising politician (provisional title; edition in preparation)

- 'The earls of Derby and their estate bills in Parliament, 1660-92' (provisional title; in preparation)