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History of Parliament Research

The section 1422-1504 is to be published in two parts: 1422-61 and 1461-1504. We will soon recieve delivery of the first part, for which Linda has been editor. Her own work on the project focused on the representation of the counties of Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire and their parliamentary boroughs, adding up to a total of 39 constituencies and more than 750 biographies. Linda was also responsibile for directing the research of the other members of the team, and editing their biographies and constituency surveys for publication.

Linda retired from the History of Parliament Trust on 30 September 2019 after 50 year's service.



Research and Publications

Besides being General Editor of The Fifteenth Century (a collection of essays published annually by Boydell and Brewer), she is one of the convenors of the Late Medieval History seminar at the Institute of Historical Research. Linda hopes one day to write a book about Henry Bourgchier (1408-83), earl of Essex and treasurer of England, who was the subject of my doctoral thesis.

My publications include:

- ed. (with J.S. Roskell and Carole Rawcliffe), The History of Parliament. The Commons, 1386-1421  (4 vols., Stroud, 1993);

- ed. The Fifteenth Century XIV: Essays Presented to Michael Hicks (Woodbridge, 2015),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century XIII: Exploring the Evidence: Commemoration, Administration and the Economy (Woodbridge, 2014),

- ed. (with Carole Rawcliffe), The Fifteenth Century XII: Society in an Age of Plague (Woodbridge, 2013),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century XI: Concerns and Preoccupations (Woodbridge, 2012),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century IX: English and Continental Perspectives (Woodbridge, 2010),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century VIII: Rule, Redemption and Representations in Late Medieval England and France (Woodbridge, 2008),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century VII: Conflicts, Consequences and the Crown in the Late Middle Ages (Woodbridge, 2007),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century VI: Identity and Insurgency in the Late Middle Ages (Woodbridge, 2006),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century V: Of Mice and Men: Image, Belief and Regulation in Late Medieval England (Woodbridge, 2005),

- ed. (with Christine Carpenter) The Fifteenth Century IV: Political Culture in Late-Medieval Britain  (Woodbridge, 2004),

- ed. The Fifteenth Century III: Authority and Subversion (Woodbridge, 2003),

- ed. (with Maureen Jurkowski and Colin Richmond), Image, Text and Church, 1380-1600: Essays for Margaret Aston  (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 2009),

- ed., Parchment and People: Parliament in the Middle Ages (Edinburgh, 2004),

- ‘Magnates and their Affinities in the Parliaments of 1386-1421’, in The McFarlane Legacy: Studies in Late Medieval Politics and Society, ed. R.H. Britnell and A.J. Pollard (Stroud, 1995),

- ed. (with Carole Rawcliffe), Parliament and Communities in the Middle Ages , Parliamentary History, ix (2), (Oxford, 1990).