Women's Parliamentary Radio archive deposited at the History of Parliament

The History of Parliament is pleased to be the repository of the archived interviews collected by Boni Sones, Jackie Ashley and others for Boni’s Women's Parliamentary Radio, as well as other interviews collected by Boni for projects including a series of interviews around the general elections of both 2015 and 2017 in Cambridge. They include many with women MPs leaving Parliament in 2015, who talk about the challenges they faced in establishing themselves as strong and independent voices in Parliament, and with MPs from all sides on moves towards equality within politics. The election interviews provide a comprehensive picture of roles and activities in an election, from the candidates to the canvassers to the election administrators.
www.parliamentaryradio.com has collaborated with Dame Caroline Spelman, Barbara Keeley MP, Jo Swinson MP and former MP Gisela Stuart and journalists Deborah McGurran and Linda Fairbrother and others to create this archive. The History of Parliament has agreed to become the repository of the archive because the interviews very well complement our own interviews, carried out for our oral history project in partnership with the British Library. We are delighted to have this important collection alongside our own.

The archive may be accessed at the History of Parliament by arrangement with us - please contact Sammy Sturgess at ssturgess@histparl.ac.uk . No material may be published without the prior permission of both the copyright holder and the History. All applications for copying and publication must be made to Boni Sones in the first instance.

For more on our oral history project and to listen to clips from our interviews, see the project's Research Pages.