Appendix III: Failed Candidates 1604-29

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1604-1629, ed. Andrew Thrush and John P. Ferris, 2010
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Failed Candidates 1604-29

The following is a list of those men known or strongly suspected to have stood for election during this period who did not sit between 1604 and 1629. It excludes anyone known or suspected to have withdrawn or been excluded ahead of votings, hence none of the unsuccessful candidates at Nottingham in 1620, 1624 and 1625, for instance, are listed. General elections are referred to by year dates only; by-elections, or elections held in continuance of a general election after a previously elected candidate plumped for another constituency, are provided in full.



and date                                      

Interest / patron


?Scarborough 1604

Edmund Sheffield, 1st baron Sheffield


?Flint Boroughs

1 Dec. 1628

Robert Ravenscroft* of Bretton, Flints.

Anderson, Sir Richard

Brackley 1625

John Egerton, 1st earl of Bridgewater

Anketill, Christopher

?Poole 1624

of East Almer, Dorset

Apsley, Sir Allen

Hythe 1625,

George Villiers, 1st duke of Buckingham


Rochester 1628

George Villiers, 1st duke of Buckingham

Aske, Richard

Clitheroe 1628

?local landowner

Astry, Sir Henry

Bedford 1628

Thomas Wentworth, 1st earl of Cleveland

Barbor, Gabriel

Hertford 1628

town resident

Baron, Henry

Wells 1626

town resident

Barwicke, Sir William

Thetford 1614

local gentry (of Westhorpe, Suff.)

Bell, Philip

Sudbury 1621

duchy of Lancaster; Chief Justice of Common Pleas Sir Henry Hobart*

Bennett, Adam

Exeter 1628

common councilman

Berry, John

?Winchelsea 1621

militia captain; patron Mayor John Collins

Bethell, [?Walter]

Knaresborough 1614

?duchy of Lancaster

Boulton, Edward

Wigan 1628


Cage, Sir John


1614, 1624

local gentry (of Long Stowe, Cambs.)

Carew, Thomas

Clitheroe 1628

?local landowner

Clere, Edward

Thetford 1604

local gentry (of Blickling, Norf.)

Clerke, Sir Edward

Reading 1626

local gentry (of Ardington, Berks.)

Cooper, John

Stafford 1614

nephew of two capital burgesses

Corbet, Sir Miles

Norfolk 1604

local gentry (of Sprowston, Norf.)

Corbett, Clement

Cambridge University 1614

University vice-chancellor

Cotton, Sir John

Cambridgeshire 1614

local gentry (of Landwade, Cambs.)

Cox, Bartholomew

Wells 1626

town resident

Dixon, Robert

Dartmouth 1628

Sir Henry Montagu*, 1st earl of Manchester

Dodsworth, Matthew

?Scarborough 1604

recorder; patron Charles Howard†, 1st earl of Nottingham

Egioke, Sir Francis

?Evesham 1604

kinsman of one of the other candidates

Ellis, James

Leicester 25 July 1625


Eltonhed, John

?Christchurch 1624

Thomas, 1st baron Arundell of Wardour

Finch†, Sir Moyle


21 Oct. 1605

local gentry (of Eastwell, Kent)

Fowler, Sir Jasper

Dover 31 Mar. 1624

local customs official

Gardiner, William

Steyning 1621, 1624

Thomas Howard, 21st or 14th earl of Arundel

Gardner, Robert

Wigan 1628

of ?Aspull, Lancs.

Gawdy, Sir Charles

Thetford 1628

local gentry (of Claxton, Norf.)

Gawdy, Sir Robert

Norfolk 1624, 1625

local gentry (of Claxton, Norf.)

George, John

Cirencester 1624

town resident; patron ?Arnold Oldisworth*

Greville, Sir Fulke

Yarmouth, I.o.W 1628

(Sir) Edward Conway I*, 1st Viscount Conway

Grimston, Edward

?Ipswich 1604

local gentry (of Rishangles, Suff.)

Gunter, Nicholas

Reading 1626, 1628

capital burgess

Hadsor, Richard

Queenborough 1621

Lodowick, 2nd duke of Lennox and 1st duke of Richmond

Hall, Joshua

Kingston-upon-Hull 1628


Hancock, Thomas

?Salisbury 1624


Hanmer†, Sir Thomas,

2nd Bt.

Flintshire 1626

Sir John Trevor II*; Sir Roger Mostyn*

Harewell, Sir Edmund

Worcestershire 1604

local gentry (of Besford, Worcs.)

Hayward, Sir George

Bridgnorth 14 Feb 1610

?Sir Henry Townshend*

Hesilrige†, Arthur

Leicester 1625

Sir Thomas Hesilrige*

Heveningham, Sir Arthur

Norfolk 1604

of Ketteringham, Norf. and Heveningham, Suff.

Houlford, Peter

Wigan 1628

?local resident

Hunt, Virtue

Wells 1626


Ironsted, Edward

Reading 1628

?local resident

Ive, William

Leicester 1625,

and 25 July 1625


Jenkinson, [?Richard]

Norfolk 1621

local gentry (of Tunstall, Norf.)

Jones, Griffith

Caernarvonshire 1621

local gentry (of Castellmarch, Caern.); patron Sir John Wynn†

Lambe, Dr. John

Northampton 1621

chancellor, Peterborough diocese

Latham, John

Canterbury 1621, 1624

Lodowick, duke of Lennox and Richmond

Leveson, John

Ludlow 7 Dec. 1609

Robert Cecil†, 1st earl of Salisbury

Lister†, John

Kingston-upon-Hull 1604


Lydall, Sir Richard

Reading 1624

local gentry (of Sonning, Berks.)

Mainwaring, Sir Randall

Chester 1628

local gentry (of Over Peover, Cheshire)

Marshall, John

Southwark 7 1610

Feblocal resident

Maulthus, Robert

Reading 1628

capital burgess

Maulthus, William

Reading 1628

capital burgess

Mead, Hugh

Wells 1626

town resident

Michelborne†, Sir Edward


9 Mar. 1607

Robert Cecil†, 1st earl of Salisbury

Mildmay†, Thomas

Maldon 1604

Sir Thomas Mildmay†

Minshull, John

Cheshire 1626

local gentry (of ?Minshull, Cheshire); patron Sir Robert Cholmondley*

Montagu, Walter

New Romney 1626

George Villiers, 1st duke of Buckingham


Hastings 31 May 1626

George Villiers, 1st duke of Buckingham

Moseley, Thomas

York 1604


Mostyn, Sir Thomas

?Flintshire 1624

of Mostyn, Flints.; patrons (Sir) James Whitelocke* and (Sir) Richard Wynn*

Monins, Stephen

Dover 1626

jurat (alderman)

Mynne, Robert

Pontefract 11 Mar. 1624

Secretary of State (Sir) George Calvert*; duchy of Cornwall

Noell†, Sir Andrew

?Rutland 1604

local gentry (of Brooke, Rutland)

Noell†, Sir Edward

?Rutland 1604, 1614

local gentry (of Brooke, Rutland)

Osbaldeston, Richard

Scarborough 1624

of York; patron Council in the North

Palavicino, Toby

Cambridgeshire 1624

local gentry (of Great Wilbraham, Cambs.)

Paulett, John

Wells 1625

capital burgess

Paycock, Robert

York 1604


Peaseley, William

Aldborough 1624

Secretary of State (Sir) George Calvert*; duchy of Cornwall

Pierrepont†, Robert

Nottingham 1604

Gilbert Talbot†, 7th earl of Shrewsbury

Prescott, William

Wigan 1628

local resident

Proger, [Philip?]

Rochester 4 Apr. 1614

nephew of local landowner Sir John Leveson*

Reade, Edward

Yarmouth, I.o.W 1628

(Sir) Edward Conway I, 1st Viscount

Reynolds†, Edward

Weymouth and

Melcombe Regis 1604

Born in the borough

Robinson†, William

York 1604


Robinson, William

York 1628

city freeman; son of 1604 candidate

St. John, Henry

Stockbridge 1614,

c. May 1614

local gentry (of Farley Chamberlayne, Hants)

Salusbury, Henry

Denbighshire 1614

local gentry (of Lleweni, Denb.)

Short, Samuel

Rye 1621, 1624

local lawyer (of Tenterden, Kent)

Shuttleworth, Richard

Clitheroe 1628

local landowner; partner of William Nowell*

Slingsby, Sir Guildford

Scarborough 1625

Edward Cayley of Brompton, Yorks.

Smith†, Sir Thomas

Chester 1628

local landowner

Southworth, Henry

Wells 1625

capital burgess

Spicer, Nicholas

Exeter 1628

common councilman

Tailler, Robert

Kingston-upon-Hull 1604,

9 Mar. 1607


Turnour, Thomas

Reading 1626

capital burgess

Turner, William

Scarborough 1625

George Villiers, 1st duke of Buckingham

Vaughan, William

Radnorshire 1621

local gentry (of Llowes, Rad.)

Warner†, Sir Henry

Thetford 1604

local gentry (of Waymell Hall, Mildenhall, Suff.

Waterhouse, Sir Edward

Scarborough 1625

Edmund Sheffield, 1st baron Sheffield

Watter, Sir Robert

York 1604


Whettle, [?William]

Thetford 1604

?local resident (?of Ampton, Suff.)

Wilde, Sir John

Canterbury 1626, ?1628

city resident

Willows, Richard

Hertford 1624

local landowner

Winthrop, John

Sudbury 1626

of Groton, Suff.; patron Sir Robert Crane*

Wogan, Henry

Pembroke Boroughs 1621

local gentry (of Wiston, Pemb.); bro. of John Wogan*

Wood, William

Sandwich 11 Jan. 1608

jurat (i.e. alderman)

Ref Volumes: 1604-1629

Author: Andrew Thrush

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