Appendix XV: Professional lawyers

Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1690-1715, ed. D. Hayton, E. Cruickshanks, S. Handley, 2002
Available from Boydell and Brewer

Professional lawyers

The biographical information available for individual Members in this period is insufficient to enable the compilation of a comprehensive list of practising lawyers, but the records of the Inns of Court, the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh, and the King’s Inns in Dublin do at least identify those who were qualified to practise. It is also possible to identify a small number of practising attorneys.

Barristers, i.e. called to bar at an inn of court. (The symbol ‡ denotes that the Member concerned held an office in his inn, as bencher, reader, treasurer, etc.)


Gray’s Inn:

Waller Bacon‡

Daniel Bedingfield‡

Sir John Bennett

John Brewer‡

Thomas Brotherton

Thomas Done

Oley Douglas

George England I

Francis Fawkes‡

Roger Fenwick

Francis Foote

Robert Frank

Edward Goulston

Christopher Greenfield‡

Thomas Harrison‡

Sir George Hutchins

John James

William Jessop‡

Edward Jones

George Kenyon‡

Ambrose Manaton

Henry Manaton‡

Christopher Musgrave‡

Joseph Musgrave‡

Richard Musgrave

Thomas Owen‡

Archdale Palmer

Anthony Parker

Robert Raikes (aft. Raikes Fulthorpe)‡

Sir Robert Raymond‡ (transferred to Lincoln’s Inn)

John Rayner‡

Edward Rigby

William Sacheverell

Thomas Sclater (aft. Bacon)‡

Hugh Smithson‡

Richard Staines

Thomas Stringer‡

William Stringer

John Thurbarne‡

Richard Vaughan I‡

John Ward III (transferred to Inner Temple)

Samuel Western

Charles Whitaker (transferred to Inner Temple)

Sir John Williams, 2nd Bt.‡

Sir William Williams, 1st Bt.‡

Robert Wilmot‡

Sir William Wogan‡

Sir Cyril Wych


Lincoln’s Inn:

William Adderley‡

Theodore Bathurst

Thomas Browne

Laurence Carter II (transferred from Inner Temple)

John Comyns

Sir Thomas Cooke‡

Nicholas Corsellis

William Coward I‡

Spencer Cowper‡ (transferred from Middle Temple)

Charles Coxe‡

Fleetwood Dormer‡

Robert Dormer‡

John Eyre‡

Robert Eyre‡

Henry Fleming

Paul Foley II (transferred to Inner Temple)

Richard Foley‡

John Gape

William Guidott‡

Edward Harley‡ (transferred from Middle Temple)

John Hawles‡

John Hungerford‡

Thomas Jacob

Joshua Lomax

William Loraine

Roger Mompesson

Sir Thomas Mompesson

George Naylor

John Norris

John Pedley

Thomas Pemberton

Edward Phelips

Granado Pigot

Henry Powle‡

Sir Thomas Powys‡

Robert Price‡

Sir Robert Raymond‡ (transferred from Gray’s Inn)

Francis St. John

Edward Strode

Joseph Tily‡

Sir Thomas Cookes Winford, 2nd Bt.

Thomas Wyndham

Sir William Yorke


Inner Temple:

Charles Aldworth

James Anderton

Francis Annesley‡

Joseph Ashe

Henry Ashurst

John Backwell

Charles Baldwyn

Robert Baylis

Henry Blaake

John Blencowe‡

Denis Bond‡

Nathaniel Bond‡

Anthony Bowyer‡

Samuel Bracebridge‡

Orlando Bridgeman I

Henry Bull

Lawrence Carter II (transferred to Lincoln’s Inn)

John Churchill

Humphrey Courtney

Nathaniel Curzon

John Dalby‡

Robert Davy

Gilbert Dolben‡

John Dolben

Sir James Etheridge

Robert Fagg I

William Farrer

Thomas Filmer

Hon. Heneage Finch I‡

Paul Foley I‡

Paul Foley II‡ (transferred from Lincoln’s Inn)

Thomas Frewen

John Fulham

Leonard Gale

Joseph Girdler‡

William Gower

Simon Harcourt I‡

Simon Harcourt III

Roger Harris

Thomas Heath I

Sir Roger Hill

Nicholas Hooper‡

Richard Hopkins

Edward Jennings‡

Sir Anthony Keck‡

Joseph Langton

Richard Levinge‡

William Levinz

Sir Thomas Littleton, 3rd Bt.

Francis Lloyd‡

Henry Lloyd‡

Sir John Lowther, 2nd Bt. II

Thomas Lutwyche‡

Charles Mason

Sir Thomas Meres

Richard Mervin

William Newland

Hon. Thomas Newport‡

Thomas Northmore

Francis Page‡

Henry Parker

Sir Thomas Parker‡

Edward Pleydell

John Pratt‡

Sir Edmund Prideaux, 4th Bt.

John Pugh

John Pulteney

Sir William Pulteney‡

John Rolle I

Thomas Rowney

Sir Robert Sawyer‡

Peter Shakerley

James Sloane

John Snell II

Sir John Spencer, 4th Bt.

Sir John Trevor‡

Sir Thomas Trevor‡

Samuel Trotman‡

John Vaughan II

Henry Vernon I

Henry Vincent I

John Wallis

John Ward III‡ (transferred from Gray’s Inn)

John Weaver

William Westbrook

Charles Whitaker‡ (transferred from Gray’s Inn)

Sir John Wynn, 5th Bt.


Middle Temple:

John Anstis‡

John Asgill

Scorie Barker‡

Francis Barrell

Hon. Robert Bertie

John Birch II

Abraham Blackmore

Owen Brigstocke

William Bromley III

John Buller I

Edward Carteret

John Child

Thomas Clarke‡

Francis Clerke I

James Cocks

Maynard Colchester

John Conyers‡

Sir William Coryton, 3rd Bt.

Spencer Cowper‡ (transferred to Lincoln’s Inn)

William Cowper

Alexander Denton II‡

Francis Drewe‡

Sir Robert Eden, 1st Bt.

Thomas Edwards‡

Thomas Ekins‡

William Ettrick‡

George Evelyn I

Thomas Gery

Charles Godolphin

William Gulston (Goulston)

Charles Hancock

Simon Harcourt II‡

Edward Harley‡ (transferred to Lincoln’s Inn)

Thomas Harley

Percival Hart

Sir Robert Henley‡

Stephen Hervey (Harvey)‡

John Hicks

Thomas Hopkins

Archibald Hutcheson‡

Robert Hyde

Sir Joseph Jekyll‡
William Jephson

Peter King

Edmund Lambert

Nicholas Lechmere‡

James Lowther‡

Sir Humphrey Mackworth

Richard Markes

Sir George Markham, 3rd Bt.

Thomas May‡

Sir John Maynard‡

James Medlycott

Thomas Medlycott‡

John Meyrick‡

Edward Wortley Montagu

James Montagu I

Hon. William Montagu‡

Sir Robert Napier, 1st Bt.

Richard Newdigate‡

James Nicolson

Hon. Charles North

Sir Edward Northey‡

William Northey

Joseph Offley‡

Francis Pengelly

John Pocklington‡

Henry Poley‡

Sir Charles Porter‡

Sir Thomas Powell, 1st Bt.‡

John Proby‡

Morgan Randyll

Sir Richard Reynell, 1st Bt.

Richard Richardson

Samuel Rolle II

Martin Ryder‡

Francis Scobell

James Sheppard

William Shippen

Sir Bartholomew Shower‡

Sir John Somers‡

Thomas Stephens I

Anthony Thompson

William Thompson III

William Thursby‡

Samuel Travers‡

Sir George Treby‡

Sir John Trenchard

Sir Edward Turnor

John Verney

Walter Vincent

Edmund Waller‡

Thomas Richmond Webb

Joseph Weld

Sir William Whit(e)locke

Sir Joseph Williamson

Edward Winnington (aft. Jefferies)‡

Sir Francis Winnington‡



William Beaw

Charles Davenant

Sir Charles Hedges

George Oxenden

Sir William Trumbull


Advocates in Scotland, i.e. admitted to the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh:

John Carnegie

John Clerk

Sir Alexander Cumming, 1st Bt.

Hon. Sir David Dalrymple, 1st Bt.

Sir James Dunbar (formerly Sutherland), 1st Bt.

Sir John Erskine (Areskine), 3rd Bt.

Sir Andrew Hume

Hon. Alexander Maitland alias Arbuthnott

Alexander Maxwell

Patrick Moncrieff (Moncreiff)

Alexander Murray

Hon. James Murray

John Murray

John Pringle

Sir Alexander Ramsay, 5th Bt.

William Steuart

Dougal Stewart

Sir James Stewart, 2nd Bt.


Barristers in Ireland, i.e. admitted to the Kings’ Inns, Dublin1:

John Asgill (called, Middle Temple)

Alexander Denton II (Middle Temple)

Gilbert Dolben (called, Inner Temple)

John Dolben (called, Inner Temple)

Richard Levinge (called, Inner Temple)

Thomas Medlycott (called, Middle Temple)

Sir Richard Reynell, 1st Bt. (called, Middle Temple)

Sir Cyril Wych (called, Gray’s Inn)

Thomas Wyndham (called, Lincoln’s Inn)


Practising attorneys, and described as such in the biographies:

 Richard Berney

George Burrard

William Burslem

Thomas Christie

William Collier

Christopher Harris

Owen Hughes

Jasper Maudit

Robie Sherwin

Charles Turner

Robert Waller


Legal officials:

The following held legal office during this period:

William Adderley

James Anderton

Henry Ashurst

Charles Baldwyn

William Beaw

Sir John Bennett

John Birch II

John Blencowe

Nathaniel Bond

Thomas Bramston

Francis Buller

Lawrence Carter II

John Comyns

William Coward I

Spencer Cowper

William Cowper

Charles Coxe

Gilbert Dolben

John Dolben

Fleetwood Dormer

Robert Dormer

Robert Eyre

Richard Foley

Thomas Gery

Joseph Girdler

Simon Harcourt I

Simon Harcourt II

John Hawles

Sir Charles Hedges

Sir Robert Henley

Stephen Hervey (Harvey)

Nicholas Hooper

John Hungerford

Sir George Hutchins

Sir Joseph Jekyll

William Jessop

Peter King

Nicholas Lechmere

Richard Levinge

Francis Lloyd

Sir John Maynard

James Medlycott

John Methuen

John Meyrick

Roger Mompesson

James Montagu I

Hon. William Montagu

John Murray

Sir Edward Northey

Sir Thomas Parker

John Pocklington

Sir Charles Porter

Sir Thomas Powell, 1st Bt.

Henry Powle

Sir Thomas Powys

John Pratt

Robert Price

Sir Robert Raymond

John Rayner

Sir Richard Reynell, 1st Bt.

Richard Richardson

Sir James Smollett

Sir John Somers

William Thursby

Sir George Treby

Sir John Tremayne

Sir John Trenchard

Sir John Trevor

Sir Thomas Trevor

John Vaughan II

William Walmisley

John Ward III

Thomas Webb

Charles Whitaker

Sir William Williams, 1st Bt.

Edward Winnington (aft. Jefferies)

Sir William Wogan

Ref Volumes: 1690-1715

Author: D. W. Hayton

End Notes

  • 1. This list excludes four members of the Irish administration who were complimented with admission to the inns on their appointment to high office in Dublin (Sir Henry Capell, Thomas Coningsby, William Duncombe, and Francis Gwyn) but who were not barristers.