Dr Stephen Roberts

Current Research

History of Parliament Research

I am currently completing research and writing up the MPs and constituencies of Devon, having previously written those for most of the counties of the English west midlands. Subjects of recent biographies include Laurence Whitaker and Walter Yonge, two diarists of the Long Parliament (1640-53), and the west country manager of the parliamentarian war effort, Edmund Prideaux. I am beginning work on John Pym, a renowned byword for industriousness, and am looking forward to discovering whether his nickname of King Pym, implying political dominance and control, was justified.

Research and Publications

I am currently general editor of the Worcestershire Historical Society, which publishes scholarly editions of historical records, and I am co-editor of Midland History, the leading historical journal for the midlands. I am a vice-president of the Cromwell Association, and an editorial board member of the Dugdale Society, the Warwickshire record publishing society. My publications include:

- Recovery and Restoration in an English County: Devon Local Administration 1649-1670 (1985),

- ed., A Ministry of Enthusiasm: Centenary Essays on the Workers’ Educational Association (2003),

- ed., Evesham Borough Records of the Seventeenth Century (1994),

- co-ed., Politics and People in Revolutionary England (1986).

I have also contributed extensively to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, and have written many articles on aspects of English and Welsh history in this period.