The House of Commons, 1793-94  by Karl Anton Hickel. National Portrait Gallery, London.

Members 1820-1832

Published in 2009

These are the most recent volumes in the History of Parliament series to appear, providing the most comprehensive study ever compiled on Parliament between 1820 and 1832, the period of Catholic Emancipation, the trial of Queen Caroline, the pursuit of ‘Old Corruption’ and the Great Reform Act, when the United Kingdom came as close to revolution as it has been in modern times, and began its long transition to democracy. They include biographies of the 1367 members of the House of Commons and accounts of politics and elections in each constituency during the period. The biographies include all of the political giants of the period: the Tories Lord Castlereagh, George Canning, Robert Peel, William Huskisson, and Lord Palmerston; and the Whigs Henry Brougham; George Tierney; Lord John Russell, and Lord Althorp. But there is also new light on many of the workho